Saturday, May 19, 2012

What Needed To Be Said

I just feel like it would be nice
If I didn’t even have a life
I’m kind of scared for myself
Because it’s not like I’ve been alive for a while
I’m getting shaky,
Seeing everything in 3-D
I see the glass break slowly
Because who I see was never me
And I won ‘t be missed
I don’t think I ever or even exist
I will never exist
*I guess it needs to be said
The first tear’s coming from the left
I’m on stuck on the lies I trusted
I think I’m broken, and I guess it needs to be said_
You say I’m strong
But I think you’re wrong
And I sit there staring at the blood
I’m watching my whole world flood
My voice makes babies cringe and scream
I’m sorry, I hate being me, I hate being me
I hate me
* Repeat
But when they say I’m not worth the love
I should die alone somewhere,
And I know no one cares
But I’m so stubborn
Because I don’t want them to win
I can feel my own pain, it’s objective
I swear I don’t deserve to live
And no one even asks about my sad songs
I think they don’t know my mind is wrong
I think they don’t care that my mind is wrong
I think I don’t care ‘cause my mind’s wrong
I swear I don’t deserve to live,
This time, it’s objective
But I’m too stubborn, for all my sins
I don’t want these words to win.

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