Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beautiful Disaster

And love is all I see
And love is all I be
And in the morning, all I think
Is that there's room for you and me here

What did I do
What did I say
I want you
I want us, okay?

*I can't keep this on
I'll love you too long
And you might make me a
Beautiful Disaster
But none of that will matter when I die
You will talk the talk,
Not walk the walk,
And smile that beautiful smile_

And when you look at me,
I hope it hurts to see
Every possibility
That went to waste
When the tears ran down my face
You might be in my outlandish dreams
Or haunt me in a nightmare
Either way, I wanna fall asleep

*Repeat twice

And love is all I see
And love is all I know to be
Either way, I wanna,
Fall asleep.

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