Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Save Ourselves

How did we get up on this wire?
Did the world have to treat us like fools?
I’ll grab the water, you handle the fire
And maybe one day we’ll rule
No iron fist for us, it seems
That we let them get by easily
If only, if only, the people would wake
From their hollow sleepwalk
And turn and say,
*There is point after day
And starlight at night
We can get by
Forever in flight
But as we build up royalty with might
Greater good gets lost in time
There is point after day
We can get by
If for only tonight_
The world is either soaked or aflame
But why can’t we be earth or wind?
Why do we all classify?
When we’re at core the same?
But I guess the people need a hero
And someone to blame
But can we change what has come?
Am I the only one?
1, 2, 3
Can you hear me?
4, 5, 6
Don’t call it quits.
7, 8, 9
We’re out of time
10, 11, 12
Do we save ourselves?

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