Sunday, August 12, 2012

How To Run

When I die
I don’t want a casket of regrets
I’ll be fine
Just hand me back my secrets
How is that you know me better
Than the people I’ve known forever?

*I say, baby, lately,
I’m so sick of this
I need to get away
Go far
I want to know who you are
And you’ll see
This is me_

Never known where I stand
No matter how hard I try
Temporary’s my life
And I’d like to have time
For a little white wine
But that’s not what I’ll remember
When I die

*You say, maybe maybe
A house, picket fence
Couple of cute kids
I say, no way
I need a plane
A car and no money
Broke, but free
That is me_

I’ve been dreaming of the day
I leave this town
Since I was eight years old
And I need to go now

*They say, “You love the way he,
Laughs, smiles, moves, talks,
And he’s everything you want.”
And he said, “Marry me please.”
But that’s not me
Oh, oh, that’s not me_

I was thinking maybe you’d come
And if I know anything it’s how to run
If I were to take someone with me
You’d be the only one
So run, run with me
So run, run with me
Think of what we’ll see
Run, run with me
Come, come to me       (He said, “Marry me please.”)
Run, run with me          (But that’s not me)
Run, run with me          (I wish it was me)
Just run, run with me

When I die
I wanna leave someone
Who knows how to run

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